‘I spent the last 300 rupees of my relief money on him’

‘I spent the last 300 rupees of my relief money on him’

“My wife died 35 years ago. Now I only have my dogs. This one is Kancha. He needed medicine against rabies, so I spent the last 300 rupees of my relief money on him. I got NPR 25,000 [approximately £165] in all. But I needed asthma medicines. I needed appointments with the doctor. This was the last bit. Now it is gone.”

Photo: Pratik Rana

‘Now this has become a relaxation spot for goats’

“On the day of the earthquake, the elder people of the village had gathered here. This was where they got together to relax every day. Then the structure collapsed and three of them died. Many others got injured. Now it’s almost a year,  but reconstruction work has not even started. This place has become the relaxation spot for goats. They are not domesticated, they belong to the god. They were given as gifts, for good fortune. As this is a public place, nobody is in charge. No one really cares about them playing in the ruins and the mud.”

Photograph: Sven Wolters